Elvis is a 2 year old male French bulldog cross poodle.

A cute scruffy look, thought of as the original TV dog. He is neutered and ready for rehoming. He is with a threesome in foster and managing well after initial reservations and anxiety going into a new environment.

Elvis is good outdoors with dogs. He is off-lead trained and now has amazing recall which he learned in foster. This has changed his life and made him so much more confident and enjoyable. Can be skittish. But has no issues with anything outdoors to scare him.

Indoors, he is clean and likes to be a cuddle bug. Quite a needy dog when he wants it. Lots of sofa time and laps. He likes cuddles as we see, on his terms, however.

This is true of him outdoors with people, some he takes to with alacrity others are ignored with disdain.

He will eat anything. He is good around food, so it’s possible to take things off him. (it’s not a practice that is well thought of however) He is experienced with older children. But he has no experience with younger ones.

Please tell us about YOU now you know a lot about Elvis.

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