Femo is an 9-year-old male English Pointer who has had quite the journey.

Previously utilized as a stud dog and accustomed to outdoor living, he’s now embracing the comforts of indoor life, particularly relishing the softness of a cuddly sofa and finding solace in a cozy crate for sleep.

Femo is cat friendly.

Despite arriving with urine-stained legs, a few baths have transformed him, leaving him looking and smelling much better.

Following a dental procedure and neutering, Femo’s veterinarian attests to his remarkable health, declaring him to be as fit as a fiddle for his age.

Although he sports some harmless skin tags beneath his chest, the vet advises leaving them untouched.

This senior gentleman may defy his age, displaying an eagerness for two substantial walks daily.

His enthusiasm peaks when encountering the bustling park filled with pigeons and geese, triggering his instincts as a seasoned hunting dog.

While Femo exhibits a penchant for counter-surfing, he’s showing promising signs of improvement with consistent redirection.

His voracious appetite, however, remains a notable trait.

Currently, Femo is in foster care in Billericay, Essex, where he awaits a loving forever home.

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Rovers Dog Rescue Brentwood Essex
Rovers Dog Rescue Brentwood Essex

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