Fluffy is a 6 year old female German Shepherd Cross. She is a big, healthy and beautiful girl who is seeking a new home. Just like a true Shepherd, she loves to be active. Lots of varied mental and physical exercise is essential to keep her happy.

She enjoys running and exploring new places, digging holes and doing agility exercises. She will be an incredible partner for an outdoorsy person, as she loves woods and beaches. She is housetrained and great on a lead. Fluffy is sweet and obedient, but she does lack confidence.

She is naturally sensitive and didn’t have the chance to learn how to control her emotions. She still feels intimidated by other dogs, which makes her enter a defence mode, and doesn’t react well to loud noises. Fluffy is very good with people and loves cuddles, but she doesn’t like to be disturbed while eating or when she retires to her bed.

Fluffy needs a loving, patient family, who will understand her struggles. We’re sure that with adequate exercises and clear boundaries she will soon learn the world is not as threatening as it seems and there’s no need to guard her safe spaces.

Fluffy is such a great, affectionate and clever dog. We’d love to find a responsible owner who will help her thrive. She is best suited for an adult only household, with no other pets. Currently living in Northumberland

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