Meet Frankie. Male. Approximately 1.5 years old. Small/medium size Cross-Breed.

This is Frankie. He is a lovely boy who currently resides with his foster family. Frankie is a friendly boy who can be nervous of people at first but soon warms up and then loves a fuss.

Frankie loves playing in the garden with his doggy friend and loves to initiate play, Frankie has learnt when the other dog has had enough to go leave him alone.

Frankie can live with another playful dog to match his energy. Frankie also lives with a cat and ignores him most of the time (the cat is the boss and will tell Frankie off gets too close) and could live with another dog savvy cat.

When the resident dog no longer wants to play, He will however happily play with toys on his own, he likes bones and rope toys that he can pull apart.

Frankie loves being outside and loves him walks, he walks well on harness & collar and lead. He can pull a little when he’s ready to go home so his training will need to be continued in his new home.

Although good with younger children, he can jump up and has very high energy levels – Frankie can live with dog savvy children 8+.

Frankie is quiet happy at home alone, he can be left for several hours with no issues. He sleeps great at night time in his own safe space and wont wake until the morning. Frankie isnt crate trained in the house.

Frankie will jump in and out the car happily but does get car sick. He has successfully travelled 2 miles without being sick. He is crated in the car.

Frankie is a wonderful boy with alot of character who has flourished in his foster home and is now ready to find his forever home. Could Frankie be the boy for your family?

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