Fred and BamBam – 18-24 month old male and female Cross-Breeds

Fred and BamBam is a 18-24 month old male and female Cross-Breeds. They are sister and brother however from different litters. Fred is around 18 to 24 months and BamBam is around 6 to 9 months. They were strays at the Ambre hotel in Mauritius with their mum but unfortunately mum has disappeared and we presume destroyed (picture with mum is the last photo and this was taken not long before Christmas by a guest).

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Another guest contacted me whilst staying at the hotel about the other ambre mum and pups but mentioned Fred and BamBam and I recognised them from the photos the previous guest had sent before Christmas.

BamBam had become very used to guests and sleeping in their rooms and this was causing problems at the hotel. Because we know that once these guests left the hotel would arrange for these two dogs to disappear the decision was made to rescue the dogs.

Lorena Gaus, some of the guests and I decided to get them to ALM and find them homes in U.K. They are both very friendly dogs who like fuss and attention. Fred is the calmer of the two whilst BamBam is more excitable. They are good on a lead and enjoy a walk with the other sanctuary dogs.

They are both medium in size but BamBam is slightly smaller than Fred. They are both sterilised, fully vaccinated, snap dx4 blood tested, vet checked and microchipped.

They are available to reserve and can fly to the U.K. in February. They can be adopted together or separately.

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