Freddie – 14 month old male Ibizan Hound (Podenco)

Freddie is a 14 month old male Ibizan Hound (Podenco). Stunning, tan-coloured, medium-sized, Ibizan Hound young man with an excellent character, very sociable and very loving! When he was a young pup, he was the most calm and gentle in his litter, and he has a zest for life!

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Freddie needs a new home with another female or friendly male dog, as he loves to play and likes the company of other dogs. He just lost his home because the owner was expecting a new baby.

Freddie is a big pup still and so he will need to continue his training on lead and guidance not to mouth when he gets excited. Freddie is a sighthound and loves running, but he walks well on a halti (but can lunge at passing squirells and furries. Super-friendly character and very sociable.

Foster Report: Lovely boy, he gets on well with my dog and I can see there are a few training needs that can easily be applied. Freddie is very intelligent and as long as he has the proper guidance, he will learn very quickly. I’ve seen a bit of lead reaction, ie when hes on lead meeting with other dogs he has a few times pulled to get at them. He has shown no aggression whatsoever, even when my dog was aggressive towards him because of some food aggression and he was on the lead he did not do any more than respond as you’d expect and then move away.

He does enjoy rough play and he will bark and does a little growl when playing and puts his jaws around the throat and is extremely boisterous but it is all playing. I do think an older dog would be good for him to teach him a little calm though! He and koda have been playing together constantly (with a few enforced breaks!) and he has been absolutely lovely and playful and never going too far despite them being energetic pups!

The only real issue I can see with Freddie so far is that he pulls constantly on the lead but that is down to not being trained not to! Now the halti is making a big difference to that! We took him out early this morning and he came with a Halti so we are using this. He is fine with this. We met the dog walkers this morning and he was fine with them all.

With a minor effort at lead training, he was alreadt walking on a loose lead for short periods. I took him to a friend who has dogs and again was fine. He likes human company too and loves a fuss and a cuddle. A super dog and I wish I could adopt him myself!

Current location is in a foster home in Walsall, West Midlands. Adoption Fee : £380.

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