Fudge is a 9 year old, fawn neutered female Pug. Fudge came in to the rescue in a bit of a mess, she was underweight, covered in fleas, had fur loss and 50% of her skin was inflamed, bleeding, sore and thickened. On top of all of that she also had a long standing UTI.

As you can see from the photo’s her skin is doing fantastic! And all with the most basic of vet treatments and good quality foods and supplements. Fudge is now ready for her new home.

Fudge is a Sassy Queen! This little lady has an opinion about everything! nothing phases her and nothing scares her!
Fudge is good with cats, dogs, sheep, goats, horses and cows.

However, if any of these are behind a fence/gate she will bark furiously, open the gate and she instantly goes silent!! lol

Fudge is good with other dogs, however, she is obsessed with cleaning faces and bits, we feel this stems from the fact that her previous owner had three litters from her.

If a dog tells her off in a firm but fair way (like my dogs) she will listen and leave them alone, if they go over the top or are anxious aggressive with her she will have a pop (Essentially hand bags at dawn!), so any new dog companion needs to be very tolerant and level headed.

Fudge is good on and off the lead, she is great meeting other dogs, but if a dog has a pop at her she will go back, she will never start a fight, but being the Queen she is, she will put anyone in their place if they are rude to her!

Fudge loves routine, she is super active and loves a good hours walk a day, being an older girl we would be happy for her to go with children over the age of 6. Fudge is good to be left for 4 hours with a companion, she travels well in the car but will tell you how excited she is for the first 5-10 minutes, it genuinely sounds like you have a gremlin in the car!! lol

The one thing we can guarantee with Fudge, is that she will make you laugh out loud every single day!

The rough monthly cost of owning fudge are as follows:

  • Insurance £130 (this is due to her age, breed and that she has had skin issues)
  • Vet Care Plan (This covers flea treatment, worming and vaccinations) £18
  • Food (Fudge is currently on Orijen, it is important for this breed to have a good quality diet) £30
  • Treats £10
  • Supplements £12
  • Total £200 a month roughly.

Fudge is fully vaccinated, micro chipped, spayed, up to date with all flea treatment and wormer. If you feel you could offer Fudge the Sassy Queen a home please contact us.

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