George is a 6-month-old male Mastiff cross, residing in Plymouth, Devon.

He boasts a striking lilac and black coat, making him quite the eye-catcher.

Despite his young age, George has already shown himself to be a loving and affectionate pup.

His bubbly personality shines through as he eagerly greets people of all ages, whether at home or out for a stroll.

George is friendly towards other dogs, displaying playful gestures and wagging his tail in greeting.

With a bit of patience and consistency, he’s quickly adapting to wearing his head collar and is becoming a pleasure to walk.

Like any puppy, George can exhibit some boisterousness, especially when excited, but he’s learning boundaries through crate training and basic commands.

He’s already mastering commands like sit, paw, and leave/wait, showing his eagerness to learn and please.

Food is a great motivator for George, as he’s raw-fed and highly food-oriented, making training sessions enjoyable and effective.

While he may push boundaries occasionally, George’s affectionate nature shines through as he loves nothing more than snuggling up beside his human companions.

  • Adoption Fee :£400.00
  • Neutered
  • Vaccinated
  • Chipped
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Cats: Dog Savvy Cat
  • Kids: Yes

Assessment of Dog:

George is a typical gorgeous mastiff pup, he’s loving, funny and a dear little chap, who can be slightly stubborn at times.

He hasn’t had many boundaries, so he can be a little boisterous when he first meets you, typical puppy. He’s happy to greet anyone, young or old, whether it’s at home or out on a walk. He is friendly when he meets other dogs, play bows and wags his tail, once he’s got used to wearing his head collar he’s a dream to walk, he sits and waits when asked to,, a little bit of cheese works wonders.

When he gets excited he can be a bit bouncy and occasionally mouths, but he’s a young puppy, and we are working on this. He’s being crate trained at the moment and will take himself in there with a treat or toy, and this is going well.

I have been doing some basic training with him this week, he will now sit, give paw and will leave/wait with his food most of the time! He raw fed and very food orientated, which helps with training, and he’s eager to learn new things.

He needs some boundaries and structure or he can challenge you, but he’s only.

Young and these things can be worked on.

He’s a very affectionate loving boy who loves to curl up beside you for cuddles.

With some training he will be a amazing little chap.

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Team Ilbrey K9 Partners

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