Goose is a 1-2 year old male Pointer Cross.

He was found as a stray and brought into the shelter in Cyprus, we were able to find her a foster home to give birth to her babies, and they were brought up around other dogs and people from the very start of their lives.

When they were four months old and ready to travel to the UK, the pups set off on their ventures.

In that sense Goose has been one of the lucky ones – he’s always known love, security and care, unlike so many of the dogs we deal with.

However, after agonising over the decision for months, Goose has unfortunately been surrendered and we are now seeking a new forever home for him.

Goose’s adopter adores him but feels that she is unable to give him the lifestyle that he truly needs.

Goose is a very active, headstrong and intelligent dog that requires a lot of exercise, continued training, and attention.

It’s evident in his appearance that Goose’s DNA contains a whole lot of hounds, and he displays a lot of working dog traits that are difficult to manage in his current environment.

Goose is ideally looking for a home with a hound-experienced family with a big garden and plenty of time and understanding.

Goose is a brilliant, loving and loyal dog, and his bond with humans when he trusts and loves them is wonderful, so in the right environment, he will make an amazing companion.

In classic hound style, Goose’s nose overrules everything and his desire to scent is strong. He loves long sniffy walks, and naturally, he does have a prey drive, so his recall is very selective and needs further work.

Goose would likely do brilliantly at something like pet gundog training, which we would highly recommend.

Goose is a big dog and is strong on the lead, so would need a capable handler and would not be suitable for an older or more frail individual.

Goose has learned loose lead walking during residential training, so he’s more than able to learn new things, he just needs consistent implementation to make it a learned behaviour.

He tends to walk better on the lead around the roads but is too captivated by smells in the fields and tends to pull.

Goose is a complete sucker for belly rubs, kisses, being told he’s a good boy, and being tucked under a warm blanket.

He’s a huge fan of roast chicken and cheese on toast, and his favourite toys are tennis balls, rope toys, squeaky balls and soft toys.

In the summer he loves a paddling pool, and he responds well to enrichment toys such as lickimats and kungs.

He’s a very snuggly dog and very human-oriented once he’s formed a bond with you. He loves interaction with humans and is happiest in their company.

Since arriving in the UK Goose has generally been good with other dogs.

He attends doggy daycare and plays well with a variety of other dogs of various breeds, shapes and sizes. He loves being chased and enjoys a bit of rough and tumble with dogs of his energy level.

His play can be a bit boisterous for some dogs, and he’s better suited to being around dogs of a similar size to him so as not to overwhelm them.

We have however noticed that Goose can be a bit defensive when dogs go to sniff his private parts, and this appears to have come about since he was neutered.

If a dog backs off then it’s fine, but if they are persistent Goose will make it known he’s unhappy and snap at them if they won’t leave him alone.

Goose has been really sweet towards any children he has met and loves the fuss they give him.

Goose to run about with them and gives them licks aplenty!

Purely based on his size and energy levels we wouldn’t recommend a home with children under the age of eight years old, and unfortunately, Goose isn’t suitable for a home with cats.

Goose is neutered, crate trained and house trained, and has the potential to learn so much given the time and dedication.

He is a lovable soul with a lot of character, and despite his intelligence, he is also equal parts daft.

He’s a funny boy and will bring so much joy to the right home.

Goose is currently based in Bath and has a clean bill of health. He is ready to meet his new forever family.

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