Grant, a 2-3-year-old male crossbreed, is a captivating, medium-sized canine with a vibrant personality, and he is on the lookout for a dynamic and affectionate new family.

He is a playful boy who exudes energy and would be best suited to a home that mirrors his spirited nature. Grant has proven himself to be incredibly sociable and friendly, showcasing a remarkable compatibility with both dogs and humans.

Interactions with other dogs have been seamless, and he holds no reservations in embracing the company of his fellow four-legged companions.

Grant’s ideal home would include a garden, offering him the space to explore, play, and expend his abundant energy.

In addition, he requires an owner who can provide the time and patience necessary for him to smoothly transition into his new life.

Grant, like all our dogs, is a work in progress, and with the right training and dedication, he has the potential to blossom into the perfect family dog.

Considering the lack of information on his breed, Grant can be considered a delightful cross-breed, blending the best of various canine characteristics.

It is important to note that, in his pursuit of an ideal home, Grant brings with him a promise of companionship, playfulness, and an eagerness to be an integral part of a caring family.

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Bid to Save a Stray
Bid to Save a Stray

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Bid to Save a Stray / Friends of Targoviste Rescued Dogs works primarily with a private Romanian shelter to re-home dogs throughout UK and Europe who have been rescued from the brutal Public Shelters of Romania. We nurse, care for and nurture damaged and injured dogs until they are well enough to be re-homed. We educate potential adopters on good animal care and offer a full back up service to all our adopters.

Please note this rescue will microchip, vaccinate and spay/neuter all dogs before rehoming. A home check and donation fee applies.

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