Gusy and Ava are 4 month old and 2-3 year old male and female Cross-Breeds. This mother and her puppy had owners. The garden of the house was not fully enclosed and Vera and Garo lived in the garden.

The owners did not spend time with them and the dogs went out of the garden to walk around the streets of the village instead.

After being collected by the neighbours on many occasions, Ava and Gusy ended up in the municipal offices and from there they were taken to the pound.

Neighbours told the owners about this but they never went to the pound to pick them up. Because of the dogs not being microchipped, the owners could not be obliged to pick them.

But that is better for this small one and her puppy because they do not deserve a family like that.

Ava is a 2-3 year old female and Gusy is a 4 month old male. She is delightful, weighs about 5 kg and is short-legged. She is very affectionate and social, both with other dogs and humans, she takes care of teaching her baby good manners.

Ava is already neutered and vaccinated, ready to leave as soon as we find a home for them. And Gusy too vaccinated, dewormed and tested for Mediterranean diseases.

They have never been apart and we want to try to find them a family together. Gusy will be small-sized; he now weighs 5.5 kg, and he will be bigger than Ava when he is an adult. He is a beauty.

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We are a Spanish voluntary organization which rescues primarily dogs from a public pound in Galicia, in Northern Spain, where the dogs instead of living, are trying to survive.

We are funded entirely by donations and work hard in our free time to help rescue and rehome as many dogs as possible.

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