Hallie is an 18 month old female Lurcher. She needs a SPECIAL HOME that is 110% committed to taking on a more challenging dog, and willing to come and meet her more than once at kennels in West Yorkshire.

Hallie may look beautiful but was given up into rescue because she suddenly decided to attack people’s feet for no apparent reason and has bitten when in guarding mode.

Hallie is almost certainly a Terrier cross Lurcher mix (probably Wheaten Terrier) as she is very keen on digging, she actively seeks out small things to chase (birds, rats etc), she’s very stubborn and knows her own mind. She does come for treats, will sit when told and likes a fuss.

She is crate trained, but does not like other dogs coming near her when in her crate. She is friendly with dogs outside, but not suitable to live with other dogs. Best rehomed in a rural or semi-rural area, if walked in a busy built-up environment she would need to be muzzled.

Hallie needs a very understanding, patient and firm but fair owner who realises she is going to be a work-in-progress for some time. Neutered and vaccinated.

Hallie is at LURCHER LINK RESCUE, near Halifax, West Yorkshire.

For more information please email kaye@lurcherlink.org or if you’d like to apply to adopt her, complete our online form : https://www.lurcher-link.org/preadoption-questionnaire.

Homecheck and adoption fee will apply.
More details about Hallie can be found on the Lurcher Link Rescue forum.

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