Hallie is a 4-year-old female rough-coated Lurcher who is currently seeking a new home through Lurcher Link Rescue.

Hallie has been at Lurcher Link Rescue for two years now.

Hallie is such a different dog from the one that came in, her behaviour has improved greatly. We now feel that she would actually be an easy dog to live with, in a quiet rural or semi-rural home, with an experienced owner who will respect her boundaries.

When Hallie originally came to us she displayed resource-guarding behaviour, and had previously nipped when in guarding mode. We have found in a quiet calm environment, with a non-confrontational approach, she is now much improved. She can still occasionally get possessive over high value items, but responds well to distraction with throwing treats away from her.

Hallie does come for treats, will sit when told and likes a fuss. Hallie loves playing ball and will bring it back to you, then wait patiently for you to throw it again. Previous owners state they never had an issue with her off the lead.

Hallie is crate trained, but does not like other dogs coming near her when in her crate.

Hallie is almost certainly a terrier x lurcher mix (probably Wheaten Terrier) as she is very keen on digging, she actively seeks out small things to chase (birds, rats etc), she’s very stubborn and knows her own mind.

Hallie gets wound up in noisy, crowded environments and didn’t do well in our main kennel block amongst all the other dogs. Hallie prefers to ignore other dogs when out on walks, but will react if provoked. Hallie would not like to live with other dogs.

If walked in a busy built-up environment Hallie would need to be muzzled.


Not suitable to live with children.

Neutered and vaccinated

Hallie is at LURCHER LINK RESCUE, near Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Homecheck and adoption fee will apply.

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