Hattie – 3 year old female Greyhound

Hattie is a three year old female Greyhound who is in a foster home with a female Labrador, a male Greyhound and a 15 year old child. Hattie is embracing all that home life has to offer, she is such a happy Hattie! Hattie has made excellent progress with her toilet training, only having a few accidents during the early days, and has learnt that if she stands by the back door her foster family will let her out for ‘wee wees’ and tell her she’s a good girl.

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Happy Hattie likes being told she’s a good girl, in fact, Hattie just loves interacting with people, she adores people. She has been confident and friendly with everyone new she has met, including primary aged school children. She also likes to have kisses on the top of her head and especially likes to have her belly rubbed, putting on her cutest look and using her paws to ask for more if the humans stop too soon! She loves everyone, especially when they let her sit next to them and have a cuddle.

Hattie is very friendly towards the resident dogs but isn’t without a cheeky side, especially when she’s trying to boss her Greyhound foster brother! Hattie will also transform into stealth mode in an attempt to steal any tasty morsels that have been left within reach. She really isn’t very successful though as her slow motion moves, combined with her googly eyes are a dead giveaway! That said, Hattie is polite around food, understands ‘leave’ and waits her turn for treats, always taking them very gently. Hattie is a very responsive young lady, she learns quickly and wants nothing more than to please her humans.

Out and about, Hattie is an absolute pleasure to walk. Hattie walks beautifully on the lead and has been calm and polite when passing other dogs. Hattie is an inquisitive girl and enjoys new experiences, she loves travelling in the car and settles down immediately.

Hattie is left for four hours daily during the week and the doggy cam shows that she settles down quickly and doesn’t fret when left alone with the resident dogs. Hattie sleeps overnight in the bedroom with her foster family and they don’t hear a peep from her all night.

Poor little Hattie has had to undergo months of crate rest and extremely limited exercise due to her sustaining a broken leg on the race track several months previously to her arrival at NGR. It was said to be stable and mended, but we found it wasn’t stable and rest and medication weren’t helping her, so NGR arranged for Hattie’s leg to be repaired by an orthopaedic surgeon. It had to be rebroken and an external fixator was put on to correct the leg . For such a young dog to have months of crate rest and limited exercise must have been frustrating but Hattie coped admirably and it didn’t dampen her spirits in any way or make her difficult to manage. This special girl now deserves to find her forever home where she will be cherished as a member of the family.

Hattie is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, de-flead and wormed. She can be homed both locally and nationally dependent on a successful homecheck.

Northern Greyhound Rescue
Northern Greyhound Rescue

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Dogs in the care of Northern Greyhound Rescue are located in the North West area of England,Lancashire area, however the rescue will home in other areas dependent on a sucessful homecheck.

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