Hattie is a 4 month old female Spaniel/Pointer cross.

Hattie was one of seven puppies abandoned in a cardboard box and left to fend for themselves. Their tiny little cries caught the attention of someone walking nearby, who was shocked to find the puppies and took them to the local shelter.

Sadly, the puppies had been separated from their mother but by chance one of the shelter dogs experienced a phantom pregnancy and she accepted the litter as her own. Without her, they might not have survived.

Hattie is the funniest little character and her confidence is growing every day. She is so inquisitive and interested in the world around her, and every single day she’s learning something new.

The world is a big and unnerving place for her but she’s keen to investigate and shows the most bravery of all the pups. Not only is she beautiful in her appearance but her nature is lovely and once her confidence grows she has so much potential as an amazing companion.

All of the puppies in this litter have a shyness about them, but Hattie is one of the more confident and curious pups, and you can tell she is really trying her hardest to trust new people. She’s recently experienced her first ever belly rub and it was a huge hit!

Hattie is great with her siblings and really enjoys their company. Due to their slight nervousness, we’re looking for homes with other dogs for the pups, as we think their confidence will really take a hit if they’re the only resident dog in the household.

Hattie often leads her siblings, showing them that’s everything is fine and there’s no need to be worried, but sudden movements and unexpected noises can still frighten her at times.

Based on her breed mix, Hattie is looking for a moderately active lifestyle. As her confidence grows, so will her cheeky puppy behaviours, so it’s important her new family have the time and patience to raise and train a puppy, to help her become a balanced and sociable adult dog.

She will need a gentle introduction to a companion lifestyle, but we think once she knows she’s safe and has settled into a proper routine, she’ll make brilliant progress.

Hattie has not been tested with cats, and she has not had the opportunity to spend time with young children.

We think that children aged 10+ would be suitable for Hattie, but they will really need to give her space to settle in at the beginning, as it will be a huge shock to her system initially. As mentioned, another dog will help throughout that integration into a new lifestyle and environment.

Hattie is looking for a home based well outside the city where it’s not too noisy or built up. She would prefer a calm household environment where she can adjust at her own pace, and she would definitely benefit from a home with direct access to a secure garden.

Positive reinforcement training and lots of play will be super helpful in making Piper feel comfortable. She loves chasing your hand on the floor, and is always cocking her head at the cutest angles at new noises.

Hattie is currently based in Cyprus and has a clean bill of health. She is ready to travel once she finds her forever home.

  • How big? Small-Medium as adult
  • How old? Puppy (around four months)
  • Male or female? Female
  • Living with kids? I can live with older children (10+)
  • Living with dogs? I can live with other dogs
  • Resident dog required? Yes
  • Living with cats? I’ve not been tested with cats
  • Where can I live? I’d like a patient, active, semi-rural home with a garden
  • Where am I from? Cyprus
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