Holly is a Jack Russell Terrier, we think with Chihuahua. She is 15 going on 7 years. she is sprightly and quite agile. She enjoys a good walk. She can jump up in the sofa and will thrive with a daily walk or two. She can go off lead and return. She is perfectly healthy at her last vet visit. Good teeth, mainly due to some raw food and bones she was fed. For info and an appt please phone or mail drop. Only if actually interested. She is worth the trouble We can assure you. Sweet Holly.

She has lost her owner and all she needs is love. We want her to go as an only dog if possible or with another very small dog. Holly has lived as indoor and outdoor dog. But now is the time when she needs individual attention. She is such a sweet girl. At present a little lost and confused.
She is fostered in Essex.

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Animal Action Essex
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