Holly is a – 5 month old female American Bully

Holly is a 5 month old female American Bully who entered the rescue just after Christmas and has been under the care of a foster mum since then.

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According to her foster mum, Holly is initially a bit timid, but once she warms up to you with a gentle approach, she becomes friendly and affectionate.

She has a playful nature, enjoying toys and items found on the floor, yet she responds well to commands like “drop it.” Ongoing toilet training is required for Holly, and occasional reminders to go outside may be necessary.

The foster mum highlights Holly’s suitability for a family, describing her as a dream and anticipating that she will be a perfect addition to someone’s household.

Holly’s compatibility with other animals is yet to be fully assessed. She is reported to be dog-friendly, but information regarding her interactions with cats or small animals is currently unavailable.

Holly has been around the foster mum’s three children, aged 2, 7, and 11, with no concerns raised, indicating her comfort and compatibility with children of varying ages.

 On walks, Holly demonstrates good leash manners, walking without pulling and staying by the foster mum’s side. She enjoys stopping for a sniff and displaying typical dog behavior.

Holly is crate-trained and can be left alone for up to 4 hours without any issues. Notably, she isn’t destructive at home, although she may pick up items from the floor, responding well to commands to leave or relinquish them.

No reactive or aggressive behavior has been observed in Holly.

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Team Ilbrey K9 Partners

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