Honey, a charming 1 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross, rescued from the stray system just in time by her compassionate foster family.

Despite her challenging start, Honey quickly settled into her new environment, forming strong bonds with both her human and canine companions.

With a delightful personality, she adores attention, cuddles, and giving kisses to everyone she meets.

Honey’s playful spirit shines through as she enjoys playing with balls and interacting with other dogs.

However, she’s not a fan of rainy days. Dog-friendly and accustomed to children of various ages,

Honey is a joy to be around. Crate trained and non-destructive at home, she can be left alone for up to four hours without issue.

While initially enthusiastic on walks, she settles into a nice pace beside her handler.

Honey’s diet consists of dry kibble, raw veggies, and dog treats, contributing to her healthy weight of 20.3 kg and height to withers of 21.0 inches.

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Team Ilbrey K9 Partners
Team Ilbrey K9 Partners

For further details regarding adopting a dog from Team Ilbrey K9 Partners, please email k9partners@gmail.com or contact 07913 410912.

Team Ilbrey K9 Partners specialise in rescuing large breed dogs, mainly mastiff and bull types, normally under 18 months old.

All come full vacinated, microchipped and neutered if old enough, if not the adoption contract will stipulate that this is done as soon as old and this will be checked up with your vets.

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