How to Use To Find Your Ideal Rescue Dog

We do not list dogs specifically by geographic location bur rather by region.

Since was launched in 2007, it has always been our firm belief that the right dog for you is not necessarily the nearest dog to you so we have designed specifically to make browsing all dogs as easy as possible based on criteria such as breed type, age, sex or by shelter.

We want you to fall in love with your perfect dog. If your perfect dog happens to be in a shelter near you, great! If your life-changing dog happens to be some distance away, then it was meant to be.

We hear so many stories of people who came to use thinking they wanted to adopt a particular type of dog but ended up falling in love with a different dog based on what they saw, read and felt about that dog after reading their profile. That’s how we want things to be.

Adopting a dog is not supposed to be about what is most convenient. It’s a lifelong commitment to a life.

That said, if you do prefer to narrow down your geographical area when looking for your new dog, you can:

Search for dogs for adoption near you

Feel free to use the broad search to find your new best friend:

Find a dog for adoption by specific criteria

Looking for a particular breed or type of dog? Easy.

Use the drop down box to see dogs for adoption by breed or type:

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Dogs for adoption by age

Not everyone wants a puppy and there are many legitimate benefits to adoption an older dog.

With we only care that you find the right dog for you.

Speak to the shelters but please be aware of their time restraints

Obviously the main purpose of this website is to get as many dogs into new, caring homes as possible. We want and need you to get in touch with the rescue centres to discuss rehoming opportunities.

Please try and use the site to gather as much information on each dog as you can possibly can. This will ensure you can communicate clearly to the rescue centres than you have done your research and have the basic information on the dog(s) you are keen on adopting.

Find dogs by specific rescue shelter

Enquire about a dog for adoption

At the bottom of each dog’s profile you will see this button:

By submitting an enquiry it will send an email direct to the rescue where the dog is located and a copy will also be sent to us at so that we can ensure high quality standards are maintained in terms of responses and record keeping. Please note: does not rehome dogs directly. We are not a shelter or the shelter. We are the facilitator of dog adoption enquiries to more than 600 UK dog rescue shelters and rehoming organisations.

If you do encounter a problem with a shelter or have concerns about a dog or shelter listed on this website, we want to hear from you. We also love to hear when you’ve had a great experience. So feel free to contact us with your feedback.

Please mention

Getting a dog is one of the most exciting experiences in the world. We understand you might forget but if you could take a moment to let the rehoming shelter(s) you talk to that you heard about them through we’d really appreciate it!