Ivy – 3 month old female Cross-Breed

Ivy is a 3 month old female Cross-Breed. She is currently in foster care in Mauritius in a family home environment.
She is available to reserve and will fly to the U.K. in March. She is one of 3 sisters found abandoned at the side of the road without food or water.

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They were found near the fosters home on the 26th-Dec-21 and had likely been abandoned the same day or the previous day as they would have noticed them had it been before that. They were very thin and their coats were dull, with some slight skin conditions. All of them were very frightened. She likes to be around her humans and is so happy to see them, however her timid & nervous personality means she often comes close then bounces back, or she comes up behind you and touches you from behind.

Her fosters are working on her confidence with people and she’s improving daily. She doesn’t like to be left out though and is always following them around the garden at her own safe distance. Despite her nervousness, she absolutely loves playing with her humans, toys and other dogs. She is currently fed in the puppy pen with her sisters and knows that after food she will stroked and picked up briefly.

She’s now happy with this and it is helping to build her confidence. So far she hasn’t been exposed to many people and is still a bit little for going on walks, but given her personality and confidence she will likely need a fair amount of time to adjust to new people. This may take months or may happen quicker depending on how fast she builds her confidence. Even with her fosters she still gets nervous but now allows them to handle her as long as its in a quiet and controlled way.

Not cat tested and not child tested and due to her nervous nature will only consider children over the age of 10. Due to her age she will not be sterilised but as part of our adoption contract this will need to be done at the adopters expense between the age of 9 and 12 months and proof will be required. She is fully vaccinated to the U.K. programme, snap dx4 blood tested, vet checked and microchipped.

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