Ivy – 4 year old female Old Tyme Bulldog

Ivy is a 4 year old female Old Tyme Bulldog. She is a friendly and playful girl who thrives off human affection and being the centre of attention!

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Ivy’s a big fan of rope toys and tennis balls and will optimistically bring one over to you, hoping for a good game!

Ivy becomes uncomfortable in the presence of other dogs and can be defensive at times so wears a muzzle when out and about, for safety.

With training and guidance, she has shown great progress in this area and when introduced carefully and gradually over time, has walked happily alongside a calm doggy pal, whilst on lead.

Ivy will need an experienced owner who is knowledgeable about dog behaviour and body language and will be happy to continue with her training and confidence building around other dogs.

Ivy will make a fun, loyal and rewarding companion for someone who has the time, patience and understanding to fulfil her needs.

Ivy can live with sensible teenagers of 14+, provided they have lived with a dog before and will not be intimidated by her excitable/boisterous behaviour at times. She can live in a flat as long as she has direct access to her own enclosed garden.

Ivy can also be vocal at times so this should be taken into consideration. Her owner will need to be experienced, having owned dogs, preferably bull breeds, in the past. Ivy has presented with mild left forelimb lameness since arriving with us.

Ivy has had radiographs of her elbows and shoulders done but these haven’t shown any obvious bony lesion to cause this lameness.

It may be related to her brachycephalic breed malformation problems and possible osteoarthritis. She has been prescribed ongoing pain relief while at Mayhew.

When Ivy came to Mayhew she had scabs and alopecia on her front legs and her lower back area. This was negative for a fungal infection.

Her skin has improved whilst at Mayhew however she still is showing some signs of dermatitis. Ivy’s breed commonly has a condition called Atopic Dermatitis which is usually due to underlying allergies.

Ivy has been neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and is up to date with flea and worm treatment. She has also been health checked and behaviourally assessed.

Mayhew Animal Home
Mayhew Animal Home

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