Jake is a 9 year old Greyhound lad who came from a terrible greyhound racing kennels. He is kennelled at Greyhound Gap under the care of Lisa and her team who are experts in assessing and rehabilitating Greyhounds.

Here is what Lisa has to say about him:

Jake has never been raced but has also never lived in a home. When he landed with us it was easy to see that Jake was a poor dog and quite ill with stomach issues. At one point we thought we may loose him! Thankfully with time, a good diet, regular worming and a couple of courses of B12 injections Jake’s tummy is now fine.

Do not be fooled by Jakes age! For a Greyhound who can be lovely and lazy as is the case but he is also quite a playful cheeky character who is up for most things. When he first landed he was a kennel pacer, jumper, bowl flipper, bed wrecker etc and we have managed to calm all that down. Now he just lets us know its tea time, which some days in Jake’s head is every half an hour!

Jake is a delight and would love a home with a younger female Greyhound, one who would indulge him but also not be afraid to take the lead and say ‘oi Jake chill out!’. Jake is NOT a Greyhound for a novice owner! He has so much to learn about being out and about in public and needs a home that is willing to allow him to explore the big wide world gently and slowly and more so safely!

He can be overstimulated by squeaks, fur (not ideal if you are wandering him down a busy road in winter full of people wearing hoods fit for the Antarctic) and although not malicious his nosey inquisitive 100mph nature could get him in trouble.

He is not cat safe, or small furry safe but he is fine out and about walking with the other greyhounds. Smaller dogs do over-excite him so he is kept on lead and muzzled around them. Jake has been good with kids he has met but we feel teenage upwards sensible kids would be best.

Jake is a clown! We all love him and he is one of our firm favourites.

He is quite happy with his lot with at the Greyhound Gap kennels however we would hate to think that that is all that there is for Jake and he would never ever find that time and space and sofa that all dogs deserve.

We do feel also that if someone was around all or most of the time that Jake could adapt to being an only dog. He is fine and capable of hanging out on his own but as so many things would be strange to him company and working with us to adapt to completely being alone would be best taken slow. Jake is vaccinated, KC vaccinated, de-flead, de-wormed, microchipped and neutered and is currently in Gap kennels in Stoke on Trent.

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