Jake is a 1-2 year old male Lurcher Cross. He is currently lives with a cat. He loves everyone, he’s a great boy. A big funny teenager who is still very bouncy and loves long walks. He is housetrained and he is very smart boy, knows all the basic commands, completed basic obedience training, picking everything up really quickly.

Normally walks well on a lead but can pull if really excited. He can be reactive with other dogs if they come too close. Owner only lets him off-lead in secure field, where his recall is good with no distractions. He is currently kept in outdoor pen and kennel when owners go out. Should be able to be left for short periods home alone with plenty of entertainment as he is still young.

He travels well in the car and he was dog-friendly when younger and at puppy classes etc, has now developed some reactivity (but not aggressive), so this could be improved with training. He has a sensitive stomach, but current owners say AVA dried food works fine.

The current owners are wanting to rehome him because they are expecting a baby and he is showing some guarding behaviours around food and his dog bed. They report he does not like to be disturbed when eating or sleeping. He is neutered and vaccinated. Apply to LURCHER LINK RESCUE. Jake is currently in Derbyshire.

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