Jamie – 1 year old male Labrador cross Hound

Jamie is a 1 year old male Labrador cross Hound. Jamie and Jenny were rescued from a farmer who had been keeping a pack of dogs in very poor conditions on his property.

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Jamie is just under a year old and is full of fun and personality. He’s looking for an active home who are keen to put in the time and training to help him bloom into the best boy!

Jamie is extremely loving, but he just doesn’t quite know his size yet. Although he’s similar in height to his kennel mate, Jenny, he’s much more robust in stature and can be a bit clumsy with his paws.

Jamie’s lived his entire life on a farm and hasn’t had a single bit of training before, so he has a lot to learn and needs an adopter who is keen to work with a new dog.

Jamie is really smart (although sometimes leads you to believe otherwise as he can be a complete goon at times) and shows a lot of promise, but that won’t come overnight without any hard work.

Jamie would be an amazing match for an active family who loves being outdoors a lot and would be interested in having a running partner, or maybe even doing some Cani-cross.

Jamie loves his walks but is still learning lead etiquette and will pull from excitement. As he is a strong dog he needs someone confident at the end of the lead.

With more of a structured routine and more regular exercise, we expect this will begin to subside, but right now everything is exciting for Jamie and we can completely understand that.

Jamie is a delight with people and adores being in human company. He is very, very friendly and has no trust issues at all with new people. As far as he’s concerned, everyone he meets is already his best pal.

Jamie just needs to learn some better manners as he can be over-enthusiastic and jump up when excited, which of course isn’t ideal around young children despite him meaning no harm at all.

Jamie is great with other dogs and shares his kennel without complaints with Jenny. He can be a bit boisterous around some dogs, but if he meets a dog with similar energy to him he plays really well and interacts beautifully.

All Jamie needs is some structure in his life and some training. He has heaps of love to offer and will make an amazing companion once settled, he just needs the opportunity.

Jamie’s ideal home would be based semi-rurally with a nice garden for him to play in, and an active lifestyle to enjoy. Jamie is currently based in Cyprus and has a clean bill of health. He is ready to travel once he finds him forever home.

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Underdog International

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