Sweet Jazz, a delightful 4-year-old spayed female of cross breed hailing from Romania, currently graces the picturesque city of York, yearning for the perfect forever home. Her medium-sized frame and endearing personality make her an ideal companion for those seeking a loving and loyal canine friend.

It is now apparent that she will need a female-only, quiet home with close countryside to enjoy walks. She could live with a friendly resident male dog (rather than a female) to help her confidence.

Jazz’s charming temperament is marked by sweetness and affection, and she thrives on the warmth of cuddles. Her aptitude for learning is commendable, showcasing her intelligence and adaptability.

The presence of another four-legged friend is something Jazz would welcome, as she displays friendliness towards other dogs. Given her shy nature, having a friendly canine companion by her side would undoubtedly work wonders in boosting her confidence.

Equipped with an admirable responsiveness to harness training, Jazz eagerly anticipates her walks, demonstrating a keen interest in exploring new environments.

Her unique way of signaling her readiness for a stroll involves sitting by her harness and emitting an adorable woof—a testament to her endearing nature. However, the hustle and bustle of urban life seem a tad overwhelming for Jazz, prompting the belief that a serene rural setting would be more conducive to her well-being.

A tranquil home, complete with a garden and access to the countryside for leisurely walks, aligns perfectly with Jazz’s preferences. While she is gradually acclimating to car rides, her current comfort level limits her to shorter journeys.

In social interactions, Jazz exhibits a reserved demeanor initially, particularly around unfamiliar faces. However, this shyness quickly dissipates once trust is established, and she readily embraces the attention and companionship offered by her human counterparts.

Her contentment during periods of solitude is evident, as Jazz is amiable to being left alone for a couple of hours, finding solace in curling up for a peaceful snooze until her cherished human companions return.

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