Jenna – 2 year old female German Shepherd Cross

Jenna is a 2 year old female Cross-Breed. She and her pup, Juno, are German Shepherd cross and were found on an industrial state in Cyprus where we can assume they were abandoned. If dogs aren’t chained up there to protect property, they’re dumped there for rescuers to find on their way to the shelters.

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Jenna is a gentle girl with a more relaxed temperament, whilst Juno is very confident and likes to be in the spotlight. Jenna is a bit more reserved with people she doesn’t know whereas Juno sees every person as an opportunity for attention and to be stroked. Although they’re very different, they get along well and are happy in one another’s company.

We’re looking for two separate homes for Juno and Jenna. They’re good with other dogs as well as each other and they don’t depend on one another to be happy. They are both looking for semi-rural homes with gardens and fairly active lifestyles outside of busy city centres and with lots of open spaces to explore and enjoy.

Jenna is a bit calmer than her daughter and whilst Juno is charging around the yard with the other puppies as soon as breakfast is over, Jenna is more likely to be having a sniff around the perimeter, a roll in the dirt and then gets involved in the action.

She is very friendly with the other dogs in the shelter and being an intelligent breed mix she picks up on their emotions quickly and will engage in play or keep her distance accordingly.

Jenna could happily live alongside other dogs or slightly older children and would be happiest in a home that enjoy being outside. As she’s a clever dog, we would encourage her adopters to get her involved in training classes to keep her both mentally and physically stimulated.

Shepherds can make amazing companions if they’re given the right outlets for their intelligence and energy, so that will be important in settling Jenna into a family home.

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