Jenna is a 1 year old female Cross-Breed. She was found on the streets as a stray and took a while to catch because she was so terrified. Even after her rescue she was so fearful she would just sit in her kennel and tremble. It took a while before we were able to read her body language properly and start to get to know her, but under the initial fear we discovered a cheeky, fun-loving and affectionate dog who really wants to be loved.

It’s clear that Jenna doesn’t fully trust humans just yet and we think that in the past she’s suffered some kind of abuse at humans hands. She sometimes flinches when she’s not sure of where your hands are moving to, and she will run away from very sudden movements that scare her.

When she realises you’re not about to hit her she comes straight back to you, but there is clearly some kind of past trauma that makes Jenna a bit hand shy. She was suspicious about having a collar put on at first, and she also hates going back into her kennel. She will try her best to avoid going back inside so needs to be reassured and guided in on the lead, which she’s more accepting of.

We don’t know if Jenna has ever had a proper, conventional companion lifestyle. She enjoys company with those she can trust, but is initially standoffish with new people and definitely needs time and understanding to come round to strangers. That said, once you’ve been lucky enough to befriend Jenna, she’s incredibly loving and will jump up for a fuss, lean in for cuddles and roll onto her back excitedly for you.

We expect that it will take Jenna a while to adjust to a normal home environment and she will need a patient family who can let her take things at her own pace. Jenna is friendly with other dogs, but has not been tested with cats. Based on the fact we know she’s not confident around sudden movements we’re looking for a home without children from Jenna so she doesn’t become overwhelmed. She would be best suited to a home in a semi-rural location with a garden to play in, and lovely surrounding countryside to explore.

She would benefit from some basic training, and will require understanding as she adapts to a new and very different way of life, but we’re confident that once she’s settled, Jenna is going to really come out of shell and show her true personality in all it’s glory. She’s an active, curious dog and would really love to explore the countryside and enjoy lots of lovely walks. She’s also very smart and once she knows that she’s finally home we’re expecting to see big improvements in her trust. Jenna is currently in Cyprus and has a clean bill of health. She is ready to travel once she finds her forever home.

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