Jerry is a 6-year-old male crossbreed dog residing in a private shelter in Romania, where he has become accustomed to kennel life over time.

Despite this, he maintains a sweet and friendly disposition, never engaging in conflicts with other dogs. Jerry finds solace and comfort in his own personal bowl, showcasing his appreciation for routine and familiarity.

Standing at 40 cm, he may not immediately catch the eye, but his inner beauty shines through his gentle soul.

Jerry’s health and well-being have been meticulously cared for; he is vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, and has undergone thorough blood testing.

Despite his humble demeanor, Jerry deserves a loving home where he can thrive. He eagerly awaits an owner who can dedicate ample time and attention to him, offering him the love and care he deserves.

For those interested in welcoming Jerry into their family, an adoption fee of £425 is required.

This fee covers all of Jerry’s preparations, including vaccinations, neutering, microchipping, and transportation to his new home.

Additionally, the shelter provides ongoing support and rescue backup to ensure Jerry’s continued well-being and happiness.

Jerry’s story serves as a reminder that beauty truly lies within, and he eagerly awaits the opportunity to become a cherished member of a loving household.

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Dogs Haven Rescue Devon Cornwall & Somerset
Dogs Haven Rescue Devon Cornwall & Somerset

For further details about adopting a dog from Dogs Haven Rescue, please contact Serena Moore: or telephone 07701037029 (for dogs in Devon) or Jackie McDonough: 01524 418555

Our aim is to find loving forever homes for the dogs in our care, many have travelled a very long and hard road to get here, often from situations where the alternative would have been death. We only wish the cruelty they have endured would stop and hope to show them that there is a better way with good and kind people.

Please note, all dogs will be vaccinated, microchipped and spayed/neutered before rehoming (if old enough). Full post adoption support is offered.

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