Please meet Jim and Dean, 10-11 year old male Lakeland Terrier cross Border Terriers. Dean is the grey Lakeland Terrier. He is a sweet boy, always looking to Dean as his leader. Loves laps and cuddles. Not a care in the world because Dean is there for him so the world is all fine. He used to suffer seizures but his diet was altered some years ago to grain free and he has been fine since. Has perfect recall. A people dog. Fine with all dogs. Both used to live with a cat 7 years ago.

Jim is Lakeland crossed with Manchester Terrier-clearly. He is the responsible one and looks after
Dean. Even laying on top of him. He is a real little intrepid character. He has great recall too. Which is good for when large male dogs come by. He charges after and fetches a ball and his brother goes with him to try and take it. After walks it’s Jim and Dean cuddle time.

They have had a child visitor regularly and neither are bothered. This bonded pair love their walks and are healthy animals (grain free diet accepted). Currently in foster and settling nicely. Not keen on the large male there, but gets on okay with large females.

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