Jinny is a 6.5-year-old female Chow Chow, rescued from the Lancram kill shelter in Romania and currently in foster in Scotland. A medium-sized dog, Jinny appears to be a purebred Chow Chow, showcasing characteristics typical of the breed.

Her foster believes that she was once a well-loved pet, evident in her demeanour despite the challenges she faced.

This charming girl, with a touch of diva energy, reveals her character through occasional stubbornness, particularly when it comes to bedtime preferences. She thrives in an environment where she can enjoy free roaming, as she is not fond of sleeping alone or in a crate.

Jinny’s endearing qualities include her love for full-body scratches, often displaying amusing shapes and faces to express her enjoyment. Affection and treats are the keys to winning her heart.

Jinny is known for her communication skills, being vocal when expressing her needs or excitement, though her grunts may be mistaken for growling.

Around other dogs, she demonstrates good manners and enjoys playful interactions, although she can be assertive in correcting them. Ideally, she could thrive as either a companion to a calmer dog or as the sole focus of a loving home.

Despite appearing aloof at times, likely due to limited vision caused by folds over her eyes, Jinny warms up quickly, seeking out human interaction. She has been child-tested and proved to be great with everyone she has encountered.

Jinny’s love for walks is complemented by her leash manners, though adopters should be mindful of her tendency to explore if doors are left open.

Fully house-trained and capable of being left alone for short periods, Jinny has undergone spaying, vaccination, microchipping, and a thorough health check by a vet. Her cat-test results indicate compatibility, but supervision is advised around food.

Potential adopters with breed experience or similar dog experience are preferable for Jinny to ensure a smooth transition into a loving and understanding forever home.

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