Jordan is a 5 month old male Miniature Pinscher Cross. These three sweethearts found themselves dumped in the pound after being found as strays on the streets of Cyprus.

Unfortunately, the dogs that end up in the council pounds have a really tough time and these three need out of there before they begin to believe that this is a normal life.

It won’t be long before they’re ready to fly to the UK and we would love to find them wonderful homes so they don’t have to grow up behind bars.

Jordan is the most reserved of the puppies. He gains a lot of his confidence from his siblings and benefits from observing their movements and interactions before replicating them himself.

Jordan takes time to warm to new people and once he knows he’s in good company he’s keen to play and engage.

Jordan loves to have fun and reacts most adorably to silly sounds, bouncing around and playing bowing.

Jordan wants to be friends but he just needs a more gentle, patient approach. He would prefer a home with another dog to learn from for sure, but it doesn’t need to be one of his siblings.

Jordan’s ideal home would be based outside of the city in a more semi-rural setting. We wouldn’t want to put him in an environment that was too overwhelming as he can be a little skittish and shy at first, and it will take time for his confidence to grow.

All the pups would be best suited to homes with gardens and away from busy roads, and Jordan would prefer to live alongside another resident dog.

Jordan has not been tested with cats, but we feel that Jordan could live with children aged 8+, as long as they can give him space.

As with all puppies, we encourage any adopters to consider puppy training. They are hard work and require a lot of time, effort and energy.

Building up a strong bond and implementing boundaries mutual understanding and respect from a young age is key to raising a balanced adult dog.

We would highly recommend this with Jordan as we would with any other pup. Jordan is currently based in Cyprus and has a clean bill of health. He is ready to travel once he finds a forever home.

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