Juno – 18 month old female Springer cross Collie

Juno is an 18 month old female Springer cross Collie. She bit at previous home but not really her fault as she was being seperated by owner from other dog. She nipped back of legs in foster with us and bit once when returning from walk when we believe she was stressed by noise and strangers. She air snaps and does have collie tendency to herd and so will nip but there is no power in the bite and its mostly play. She is not a bad dog just very anxious.

She has behavioral issues like seperation anxiety, Pacing, Guarding, toys, beds etc, nervous. I know that one look at Juno and applications will come flooding in. One of the prettiest dogs I have ever met. However looks are deceiving so please take the time to read and understand her character. Juno arrived with me aggressive and guarded. It took me three to four days to actually get near her. However once I got through those initial barriers I realised what a wonderful sweet loving girl she is.

The first few days her separation anxiety was through the roof but as time has gone on this has dramatically improved and she sleeps all through the night on her own and only barks if her walks are late. She still has some guarding issues but is easily distracted and listens to the tone of your voice. It took three visits to the vet before they could examine her but now she loves my vet and happily bounces all over her licking her face.

Juno will need a very active home where she will need mental stimulation as well as lots of physical exercise. Her recall is not great as she can be timid of certain noises which upset her and is likely to bolt off so her potential adopters would need a secure field to start her training. She is more collie than springer in her ways so would love agility etc. She has started over the jumps and through rings and thoroughly enjoys this.

Please only apply if you are experienced in guarding and are prepared to continue in her training.

Juno is good with other dogs outside the home but very bouncy and is best as an only dog in the home.

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