(Rehomed) Kika – 4 year old female Collie cross Bull Terrier

Beautiful Kika is approximately 4 years old and we think she is a Collie cross, possibly with a Bull Terrier. Kika is ready for her new home and has been for a while and yet she is one of our long-termers – we just cannot understand why. She is active, intelligent, loving – she travels well in the car – walks well on lead. She is still better with big dogs and still needs help to respect smaller dogs. A lovely girl that deserves her own family.

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Kika was one of the many dogs abandoned in Spain – she ended up in the same perrera as Lolo. Time was not on her side – she is a larger (15 kilo) cross – and she ran out of time – they needed to clear the kennels and she would be the next to go. I had been asked if we could help her several times – and we said we were unable – but I got a final message asking if I could just try and squeeze her in – if we said No – Kika would lose her life – it is really that simple. We have never regretted saving a dog – and they deserve a loving family and a chance to get to shine.

Could you be Kika’s Guardian Angel? She needs a family that has the time and commitment to her. Kika has all the Collie traits – quick brain, busy brain, active brain. She would do well at anything that requires her to work her intellect. She loves to be busy doing things and would make a wonderful Agility or Scent dog.

If you keep her brain busy she will follow you to the ends of the earth. So if you are an active person that is looking for a companion dog – then this is the girl for you! Whatever you put in – she will return 100 fold! She has a natural retrieve instinct and she wants to interact with you. She is very treat orientated – and she can count.

If you put four treats in your pocket – and give her three – she knows you have one left in your pocket – and will not leave until sums add up! She also has the Bull Terrier trait of being all muscle and she has strength – so can be a bit of a bulldozer.

We love her enthusiasm and we love her forward momentum – but because of this, we can’t rehome her with small children and people that may be human skittles. Whoever adopts Kika must be prepared to commit to her. Kika has severe separation anxiety. She will bark while alone, pace and so on. Even popping to the shops for 5 minutes, going into the office once or twice a week for an hour or two will not work.

If you are interested please go to our website and complete a rehoming Questionnaire.

She is in Norfolk. Any prospective family should be prepared to work with us to help her gradually build up the time she can manage to be alone. She is in Norfolk – she is spayed, vaccinated, passported and health checked. She cannot live with young children or small furries. We want this year to be Kika’s year. If you can be the one in a million family please contact us.

Terrier SOS
Terrier SOS

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Please note, an adoption fee will apply. All our dogs are dewormed/defleaed, vaccinated and with a pet passport and microchipped. If not already done so, we will also spay/neuter when medically safe to do so.

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