Kilo – 13 year old male American Bulldog

Hello, my name is Kilo but I am also known as “Big Lug”. I have been spending the pandemic in a lovely foster home in Sussex but now I am looking for my furever, furtirement home. I was initially surrendered to SEDR in January 2020 due to a change in the former owner’s circumstances.

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I am a 13 year old male American Bulldog (although most people do not believe how old I am!). Despite my age, I am an active chap who loves going for daily walks. I can still pull you wherever I want to go so you will need the physicality and strength to keep up with me.

I have been a good boy out and about; I will walk past other dogs nicely and will happily walk alongside other dogs if they are respectful. However, there have been occasions when other dogs have decided to pick on me (particularly Labradors and Retrievers for some reason!). Whilst I am a chilled boy, I will not tolerate other dogs growling at me or trying to bully me, so expect a grumble back if you ‘try it on’!!

Whilst I have never done anything other than grumble back at an instigator, my size can make people feel a bit worried when I am doing nothing more than defending myself. Therefore, an experienced large breed owner is essential to ensure that such situations can be managed appropriately.

Whilst I am happy to engage with respectful dogs on walks, I must be an only dog in the home as I prefer my own space (and my humans to myself!).

During my time in foster, I have been off-lead in secure areas and quiet beaches and my recall has been solid. Due to my size, I get a fair few admirers who want to come and give me a fuss (which I am happy to receive from fans of all ages).

I sleep on my own sofa in my foster home, much preferring it to a dog bed. I sometimes sleep on my foster mums’ sofa as well to ensure that it is up to scratch if I need it! Whilst I will share my sofa, I can be a bit of a stubborn arse when asked to get off it and on one occasion, I made a slight grumble. However, my foster parents have found that it is easier to get me off by clipping my lead and collar on when it is time to go out!! Apart from a reluctance to move when I am really comfortable, I am a responsive boy who will listen to directions and commands.

Whilst I have lived with children in the past (and I have been gentle around young children outside), I would prefer a more chilled-out home for my retirement. With this consideration, as well as the fact that I do not like to be moved off my sofa unnecessarily, my friends at SEDR feel an adult-only home would be best suited for my current way of life to continue. We would consider a home where there are visiting grandchildren over 10 years though.

Although there have not been many visitors in the current climate, I recently welcomed a builder and an electrician into my foster home with no issues at all and the family that surrendered me reported that I was always welcoming of visitors.

My foster mums have been working from home so I have had company throughout the pandemic. However, they often work in their respective offices upstairs whilst I snore away on my sofa so I do not feel the need to be constantly latched to my person/s. I have not been destructive in my foster home either (I’m too old for that lark!). I am not bothered by household noises and have been described by my foster parents as “the most chilled-out dog ever”.

I am fully house-trained and despite my age, have shown no signs of continence issues. In fact, I toilet in the garden in the same, general area so you know where to find any presents! I can be a bit lazy about letting you know when I need to go out but I will soon let you know that I want to come in; I’ll woof once and if that does not work immediately, I’ll woof again until you let me in again!! I have recently enjoyed chilling out in sunny spots in the garden so I would prefer a garden of my own to enjoy the summer.

I never displayed any signs of resource guarding whilst I was a guest at SEDR’s centre. In the foster home, there have been no issues with my foster parents’ walking past me when I am eating my dinner. However, they have not actively sought to remove my bowl away from me when eating.

I have had a few issues with my skin and ears over the years which means that they need regular cleaning. However, I am a good boy about having them looked after so you will not need to feel like you are doing battle with a lion! ?? I take Apoquel tablets daily which can be bought online using a prescription from the vet for around £40 per month.

I am just a big, gentle giant who would love a furtirement home to commit to regular walks, a quiet environment and a sofa of my own. Whilst I am very easy going, I am still a fit, strong boy, so large dog-experience and good physical strength are important. In return, I will bring you nothing but love and laughs.

If you think that you can give this “Big Lug” the home he needs, please email us, explaining how you meet Kilo’s rehoming criteria.

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