Koda is a 2 year old female Whippet Cross. She is approximately 20″ to the shoulder and weighs about 15kg.

Koda is quite reserved and timid, she takes time to get used to new situations, dogs and people.

Koda can freak out when she feels threatened and will need to be walked in a 3-point harness and slip lead to stop her bolting when she panics, especially if taken to very busy parks etc with lots of people and other dogs.

Koda would prefer to be walked in more quiet areas. Due to her nervousness, Koda would not suit a household with young children as their noise and unpredictable movements would scare her.

Koda used to have a male owner and warms to men quicker than to women. Koda has a high prey drive and is very keen to investigate any rustling sounds in hedgerows etc.

Koda would NOT be suitable to live with cats or other small furry animals. She also does not like dachshunds!

Before coming into rescue Koda has not lived in a house before, so is slowly learning to get used to the noises and sights, and is learning toilet training. Koda is highly food-motivated, so is proving easy to train.

Koda had parvo as a pup which affected her general health at the time and resulted in her tail being infected (it’s now somewhat shorter and a bit kinked).

Koda also has a slight heart murmur; this does not affect her at the moment but may need treatment in the future. Lurcher Link will help with any future associated costs. Koda is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

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