Koda – 18 month old male St Bernard

Koda is an 18 month old male St Bernard. A rural home with some land would be good for Koda at the moment will explain why Koda spent his life in a small room and was not taken out so the outside world is very new and not that wonderful to him, once he trusts you. You can do anything with him but he will also want to protect you if he thinks you are in danger and he will tell people to stay away When Koda was picked up he was VERY hungry in fact starving this boy has had a terrible life and has been hit if not beaten at some stage of his life He was picked up from the home and taken to boarding kennels to start with, Over the first day or two he settled down and is great with all the staff and doesn’t seem bothered by the other dogs at all.

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However on the morning after his arrival the staff shut the hatch between the outdoor and indoor space in his kennel so that they could clean it. It is metal and made a loud banging noise and he ran to the corner of the outside space and was cowering. He has allowed people to bath him but he does not like the blaster so had to be towel dried. was able to trim the lumps off his coat that were hanging down and give him a good brush and clean his ears. Koda loves car rides is now walking well on a dogmatic he still needs a lot of work to walk him on the street, would be easier to do if he was not so big. Once Koda trusts you he adores you but with some people this takes time he is food orientated so this is helping with his training With his lunging and barking at people he does not yet know is why we think a rural home where the people have taken the time to get to know him first and can work slowly on the outside world.

We have never been worried about ourselves when he barks and lunges he has never shown any sign of redirection to us. He is very gentle when taking food from us and is really good around his food bowl Koda needs time and patience and a calm owner to bring him forward.

If you feel you have what it would take to help bring Koda forward then please email for an application form St Bernard Trust know we have Koda and we are working together with him.

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