Lana – 2-3 year old female Chow Chow

Please meet Loveable Lana!

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Lana is a gorgeous Chow Chow of approx 2/3 years old. Lana came to us as an unclaimed stray from the pound, I honestly don’t understand how or why people are buying these breeds and then discarding them without a second thought, Poor little girl had no idea what was happening!

On Arrival poor Lana was in some discomfort, she needed entropion surgery and a face lift to remove some of the excess skin around her face so she could open her eyes properly, she is much happier now she can see! Lana was also speyed and is fully vaccinated. Since She has recovered from these surgeries

She is a totally different dog, and it’s been an absolute pleasure watching her transform, both inside and out! Her first run over the farm once her eyes were healed and the cone was off was magical, she just had the nest time sniffing, running rolling and just enjoying life!

Is Lana the right dog for you?

The Chow combines the nobility of a lion, the drollness of a panda, the appeal of a teddybear, the grace and independence of a cat, and the loyalty and devotion of a dog, dignified and aloof.

Not really fond of being hugged or fussed over, but a quiet, attentive companion to his favourite person, and his loyalty extends to other family members.

This is a highly territorial and protective breed, who’ll give a clear warning to anyone approaching without his person’s welcome.

  • Chow Chows are very independent and aloof, and they need an owner who appreciates those traits but won’t let the dog take over.
  • Chow Chows may bond with just one person or to their immediate family. They’re suspicious of strangers.
  • Chows need to be brushed two or three times a week to keep their coat in good condition.
  • Chows need daily exercise.
  • The Chow Chow has limited peripheral vision; it’s best to approach from the front.

Some compare the Chow Chow’s disposition to that of a cat: aloof, reserved, independent, dignified, intelligent, and stubborn.

Chows tend to mind their own business and don’t usually start trouble. They’ll play with their people, but strangers are of no interest to them unless they’re approaching the Chow’s home without invitation from his owner — in which case he’ll challenge the trespasser. He will, however, let strangers touch him if introduced by one of his owners.

Lana is a happy girl once she knows and trusts you, initially she was scared of lead walking but is happy to do this now she has learnt to trust us, perhaps she has been polled at some point or just had rough handling, She is doing very well and once she trusts you she is an amazing little lady. She is house trained; she loves food and home comforts.

Lana will take or leave other dogs, she is happy to be around them but is equally happy with just her humans, She loves to play with her humans! If She had to live with other dogs she would be best with a laid back male that will let her be the boss, ideally she would be the only dog in the home as although she tolerates other dogs, she would rather ignore them – Diva!

She is not destructive at all and is quite content being left for short periods. Lana travels perfectly in the car, and is an absolute joy to have, she will make you laugh every day with her antics and Sass! She is happy to be bathed and groomed, she doesn’t show any malice at all in fact, she just clearly hasn’t had many good experiences with humans prior to coming here.

This lovely lady would make a fantastic addition to any family as she is a lovely loyal companion. Due to not knowing her history she is looking for an adult only home, we will consider homes with older children if they have experience and knowledge of the breed.

Due to her stubborn nature we are looking for a home for her that has breed experience – THIS IS A MUST!! you must also be committed to her grooming needs as she will need regular grooming.

Lana is neutered, fully vaccinated and chipped, she is flea and wormed. Could you give this beautiful lady the happy ever after she deserves?

All Animals Rescue and Rehome Essex
All Animals Rescue and Rehome Essex

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