Levi – 4 year old male Working Cocker Spaniel

Levi is a 4 year old male Working Cocker Spaniel. He is such a sweet boy, with such a lovely temperament.

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Levi’s excellent in his crate willingly goes in when asked and can be left for 2-3 hours without any problem or noise.

Levi’s great with my two resident dogs and is very tolerant of the youngster. He wants to please and be with me all the great time however he doesn’t like being shut out of a room and will whimper.

Levi has been perfectly clean in the house and enjoys his dinner twice a day. He’s a typical working cocker, high energy so can struggle to settle immediately. He then flops.

Levi has slept in his crate downstairs overnight, we did have some howling for the first 3/4 nights despite being next to the resident dog but he now sleeps through without a peep.

Levi’s really good meeting other dogs and people out on a walk, pleased to meet and have a gentle sniff with a wagging tail.

Levi seems to be a bit ball obsessed so I don’t take a ball out however, he will shoot about trying to get to any balls being thrown around him.

Levi loves a walk but his recall and lead work aren’t great. He’s a busy boy and once he gets on a scent he can’t hear and will pull on the lead or long line.

Levi has only been off-lead a couple of times with me in a secure space. He stays close but is flying around at breakneck speed and is poor at responding to calls or whistles.

That said, he’s a good learner and wants to please, in the right environment and with someone that will give him training time I’m sure he will blossom.

Given Levi’s busy nature, I think he would thrive in a calm environment with a calm dog for company. He will play with my dogs but would rather have my attention.

Levi hasn’t met children whilst in foster but did live with children in his previous home however, I think he would find a child-free environment better for relaxing.

Levi would love a big (secure) garden to charge around where his humans don’t mind plants getting trampled. I think he needs cat and bird free as he wants to chase them.

Levi travels okay in the car, I’ve had him in a crate in the boot as he gets rather excited and jumps about if not.

As I write this he’s laying across me and I think he’s telling me it’s time for a walk. Someone is going to be very lucky to adopt this beautiful-natured boy.

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