Lilly & Lulu 4 year old Dachshund sisters being fostered in adult home in Gloucestershire with other dogs.

Both girls were given up by a breeder who has given it up, the girls arrived in good condition and were friendly although shy.

They are both now very settled after being with us a few weeks, Lilly the more sensible one of the two and Lulu (white chest) the more playful. They are both more relaxed and have started to play with each other, they wash each other and are very bonded.

They are more relaxed around the 4 other dogs in the house now and got used to living with 4 crazy Spaniels.

They sleep well at night in their crate downstairs together. Their house training is now 90% there.

When their foster carers are eating they have to put put in their crate as not quite learned their manners there and if given the chance would steal food out your mouth lol .

Very happy contented little souls

That first day at the Vets when they came so very unsure

They travel well in the van with the other dogs and have even been out on a harness/lead for the first time in the lives and they are picking up very quickly.

Love the van

Their first week

Getting used to the leads

Nothing negative to say about them it’s very early days for these two girls but they are doing well under their foster carers guide, they have even attended the Pub for coffee.

At the pub and secure field

When they are ready they will need an understanding home with people who have had experience with rescue dogs, especially ex-breeding or kennel dogs.

We will continue to guide and rehab them and will update here as they progress and they are making baby steps every day as you can see.

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