Lola is a 3 year old female Cross-Breed. She lived in a village next to Vinkovci with an elderly woman who didn’t take much care of her.

One day, Lola appeared with blood and holes in her legs! For about ten days, she crawled around the yard, digging holes in the ground to hide.

Lola wouldn’t have been able to recover and would have probably died. A local lady contacted our team and was asked to bring her to the vet.

They took an X-ray that showed a fracture. The wounds that were there were already healing.

The following day, she was taken to see a surgeon who said that one leg might heal well, but the other will have to be amputated. The team decided to wait for it to heal and to see what happens next.

Lola knew it was a good decision. She was smiling on the way back. She was kept in a crate so that she didn’t move much.

The team used Emmett’s therapy every three days. Lola, who is stubborn and persistent despite herself, walked!!

The surgeon couldn’t believe it when he was told. Lola does not need surgery, only Emmett therapy if necessary. There are plenty of them in the UK.

Emmett 4 Animals UK and Ireland’s public page is a good one to look at. She needs a family that will love her and walk with her.

Lola didn’t gain weight, especially because of her legs, but also her entire body. To add to her story further.

Lola managed to get herself pregnant while waiting to be castrated. The team realised before she was due for the operation, luckily, and she gave birth to 4 beautiful healthy puppies! Please keep an eye out for their advert.

Lola is microchipped, rabies vaccinated, has infectious diseases two times vaccinated, castrated, Mediterranean diseases tested-negative.

The Adoption fee of £475 and home check apply, and full rescue backup is provided by Ninas Haven.

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