Lottie, a charming 3-year-old female dog, is presently residing in a foster home in South Wales, UK, weighing a delightful 6 kgs.

Despite the harrowing experiences she faced in a Romanian kill shelter, Lottie has transformed into a sweet and affectionate companion, now eagerly seeking her forever family.

Her journey has been one of resilience, and she is ready to share her love with those who are willing to provide her with a safe and nurturing home.

Having overcome initial shyness rooted in her traumatic past, Lottie emerges as a wonderful companion once trust is established. Her endearing nature shines through, making her an ideal addition to a loving home.

Lottie finds joy in play, and while she thrives in the company of a small dog, she is adaptable and can also flourish as the sole canine companion in a household.

While Lottie’s playful spirit is a highlight, it’s important to consider certain aspects for her optimal well-being. She may not be the best fit for households with children under 10 years old, as her exposure to them has been limited, and she may find their presence a bit overwhelming.

Additionally, Lottie is sensitive to loud noises, and therefore, a serene and tranquil environment would be the most conducive for her continued growth and happiness.

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Pennypaws from Romania to UK rescue
Pennypaws from Romania to UK rescue

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