Lucky is a 6-7-year old male lurcher seeking a new home @ LURCHER LINK RESCUE.

When Lucky first arrived at Lurcher Link nearly two years ago he was literally scared stiff – so much so, that he had to be carried, stiff-legged, out of the car and into the kennel run, he was so frightened.

It took months to build up Lucky’s confidence enough to start looking for a forever or foster home – but when we put out a plea last year for a home, no one came forward. So he’s still here.

Lucky is still a sensitive, anxious boy and takes a while to trust new people. Lucky will need patient new owners who understand that he will need time and space to build his confidence.

Lucky is a slender boy of about 24-25″ to the shoulder and weighs about 20kg. Initially, he showed some food guarding issues and struggled with his weight in kennels (due to stress), so he was moved up to the house and has come out of his shell with us and a routine. He’s more relaxed and has put weight on again. He is used to being crated.

Lucky has been going on group walks with the volunteers and has been fine both with them and with the other Lurcher Link dogs, but it’s in a fairly quiet environment. He might struggle to stay calm if walked in busy areas with strange dogs as he does not like rude “in-your-face” dogs and so in these situations, it would be necessary to use a muzzle.

Lucky needs a quiet, calm home where he can have his own space, so for this reason he is not suitable to live with young, noisy children.

Lucky can be friendly with calm female dogs, so may be suitable to live with one; but he is not suitable to be rehomed with any males.
Not suitable to live with cats or any other small animals.

Lucky is at LURCHER LINK RESCUE, near Halifax, West Yorkshire. Homecheck and adoption fees will apply.

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