Luna is a 10 month old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier and she needs the most amazing home that we can find for her. She was surrendered to SEDR at the end of July due to a relationship breakdown. She is vaccinated, microchipped and spayed, currently weighs in at 18kg and is in Dartford, Kent.

Luna’s former owner said that she was also experiencing a lack of coordination in the home. We took her for various tests and sadly, she has been diagnosed with a condition called ‘Wobbler’s Syndrome

Whilst it was planned that she would have an MRI scan at the Royal Veterinary College to see if she was a candidate for surgery to try and stem the progression of this awful condition, any possible surgery would have meant that she would need intensive crate rest for at least several months. However, during a recent grooming session, it became apparent that she absolutely DETESTS being in a crate, to the point where she will cause herself severe injury in order to avoid being in one.

With this considered, and in discussion with the RVC, we have decided not to go ahead with surgery and to try and find her a home where she can be happy for as long as possible. This was not an easy decision to make but we have considered Luna’s case from an entirely holistic perspective, ensuring we do what’s best for her as an individual.

Therefore, she is going to need a VERY particular home to live out the rest of her life. We know that this is a huge feat but we are holding out for a, dare I say it, Christmas miracle.

Please read Luna’s ESSENTIAL rehoming criteria carefully. This is non-negotiable based on the knowledge we’ve built up of her over the last three months:

* Luna will need a home that is experienced with progressive conditions/diseases resulting in a lack of coordination. This home must also be well-equipped to carefully manage Luna’s activity levels.

* Luna needs a very quiet home where she will not get over-excited by too many indoor and outdoor stimulants as she can be stressed-out quite easily. Therefore, she cannot live with children under 13 years, other dogs or cats and there must be no young, visiting children or visiting dogs either.

* Luna is also quite reactive with most (but not all) dogs. Whilst this will not be so much of an issue as she will largely be a ‘home’ girl, there must not be immediate, noisy neighbouring dogs that will make her anxious.

* Due to the severity of her symptoms, she will not need regular walks; it will be important to focus on relatively calm enrichment exercises. (However, it would also be very beneficial if her new owners could take her out in a buggy in quieter locations, meaning that she can take in the outside world without overdoing it.

* She will need a good-sized, secure garden where her activity can be well-managed. Ideally, she will have good space to move around in her new home as she does walk in an uncoordinated manner. She must not be expected to walk on slippery floors and if there is not carpet in the home, provisions must be put in place to ensure she can maneuver without slipping around (and this will be followed up).

* Luna needs a home that completely understands that she is a palliative care case, her life is likely to be unfairly short, you will watch her deteriorate as time goes on and at some point in the future, a decision about her quality of life will need to be made. In all honesty, we think that Luna will be very lucky to make 3 years old. This is a MONUMENTAL undertaking for anyone, so please think about whether you feel that you can go through such an emotional roller-coaster.

Luna really loves people and can get very excited when she meets them. She jumps up and tries to kiss you (and with her wobbliness, she can be quite overwhelming!). However, she soon settles and has never shown any aggression whatsoever to anyone.

Luna would prefer someone who is home most of the day. She can get stressed out on her own and has done a bit of ‘home improvement’ when left for a few hours. However, with a calm, quiet environment that can keep her engaged and stimulated, this will become less of an issue.

Luna can toilet herself but you must expect initial accidents whilst she adjusts to her new environment. She has had a rather disjointed puppyhood, so it would be nice for her new owners to go over basic training for enrichment, as well as establishing what is expected of her.

We know that the type of homes suited to take on a dog like Luna are very few and far between due to her needs (and the emotional commitment of taking on a dog that one knows is going to deteriorate and die before her time). Life is not fair and our hearts break for this sweet girl. However, if we all work together by sharing Luna’s story, we WILL find that very, VERY special home where her life can be one of love, care and dignity.

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