Luna – 5 year old female Cockapoo cross Poodle

Luna is a 5 year old female Cockapoo cross Poodle. She is being fostered in Gloucestershire in an adult home with other dogs and visiting grandchildren.

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This beautiful little soul has been in our care for a while now – due to her being so terrified when she first joined us.

We could not even let her out in the garden unless in a long line just in case she hid up the side of the shed.

Luna needed to learn that the world and humans are safe and needed to stop worrying – it breaks our hearts to see this lovely little dog appear so broken and worried. As time went on she started to bond with her foster family.


Luna followed them to bed and slept gently next to them – she started to be braver when the family and grandchildren visited on Sunday and would stay in the same room watching.

Luna started having gentle walks out and about – meeting other people and other dogs – even a very gentle quiet visit to a pub for coffee and cake.

Outwalking in local woods

Cuddles with a friend

Luna is very slowly shaking with fear has stopped – she is now able to stay in the same room when strangers visit the other dog which is amazing, her little tail now wags – she greets her foster mum happily rather than getting happy and then scaring herself and running away.

When Daniels’s new family came to visit

Luna was so brave when her friend was nearby

A lot of her progress we feel is due to the arrival of another foster dog – the other two dogs she is in foster with are very elderly and mostly sleep – this little Spaniel although he does not take much notice of Luna happily follows him around and gets confidence from him.

With Daniel her best friend

We know a home with another dog or dogs just like Daniel would work for her – she is not up for playing yet but would like a friend she could rub alongside with and learn from.

A home it’s adult-only with people who have had experience with dogs like Luna and can help her continue with her learning about the world and feeling happy and safe. A home that will keep her safe and love her as much as we do.

Waiting for Mum to come

Daniel is leaving us soon to start his new life and it would be lovely for her to start hers.

Luna is waiting

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