Luna – 1 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Luna, a 1-year-old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross, possesses a medium size and a slightly more leggy build compared to a typical Staffie.

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While Luna may initially display nervousness around strangers and in unfamiliar environments, her affectionate nature shines through once she acclimates. Beneath her initial shyness lies a heart full of friendliness and a love for attention and affection.

Having experienced several changes in her young life, Luna craves consistency and stability moving forward. Additional positive reward-based training would benefit her greatly, particularly in managing her excitability and tendency to jump up.

Although she walks reasonably well on the lead, Luna can sometimes display stubbornness, especially when encountering other dogs during walks.

Given her need for companionship and a stable environment, Luna would thrive in a home where she has company for the majority of the time.

While she may require some assistance with housetraining, Luna’s eagerness to please makes her a promising candidate for further training and development.

In terms of living arrangements, Luna could potentially coexist with older children aged 10 and above. However, due to her previous tendency to chase cats, a feline-free environment would be most suitable for her.

Similarly, Luna may be better suited as the only dog in the household, allowing her to receive the undivided attention and stability she craves.

With the right family and environment, Luna has the potential to blossom into a devoted and well-adjusted companion, bringing joy and affection to her forever home.

RSPCA Cheshire (Altrincham) Branch
RSPCA Cheshire (Altrincham) Branch

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