Luna – 15 month old female Jack Russell Terrier cross Poodle

Luna is a 15 month old Jack Russell Terrier cross Poodle. She has had a poor start in life and spent a lot of time being crated before she moved to her foster home and she has missed out on some essential socialisation as a result. Luna is a highly intelligent, quick and willing learner. Her foster mum has been training her and she has a good level of training and great recall. She does still pull on lead though. Luna is very full on, bouncy and ott. She can only live with calm kids aged 13 upwards.

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Luna cannot live with another dog and has attacked other dogs over resources such as food, and toys in the past. She can also be reactive to some dogs outside of the home. She will chase cats – may be cat workable with a very dog savvy cat, but no guarantees. Luna is steady around horses. She has a high prey drive and cannot be trusted with birds, and small furries. Luna is a fence jumper and needs a secure garden with 6ft fences.

Luna is lovely with people, but will get over excited and greets visitors by leaping around. She will sometimes get a bit worried when people approach her when she is eating and will stiffen and gobble her food down even faster. Luna needs lots of grooming and her coat gets matted easily. Her adopter will need to dedicate lots of time to grooming her- when she was first rescued she had to be clipped tight as the picture shows and had sore skin due to the matts. Her skin is fine now as long as it is kept on top of. She needs to gain some condition in her coat, but that will come if the adopter continues to feed her on a good diet and groom her.

Luna struggles to switch of and is easily over stimulated. Her adopters needs to take a positive, consistent approach to her training and needs a calm routine. She could excel at Scent work, obedience training or rally if the work was put in. Anything like agility would blow her brains right now, but may be a possibility for the future. Luna will make a wonderful companion to someone who can give her the physical and mental stimulation that she needs, along with a calm consistent environment and routine. She is in foster in Martock, Somerset.

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