Hi everyone, my name’s Magnus. I am 1-4 year old male Collie Cross. I’m a beautiful but very complex boy looking for experienced new owners who have a good understanding of us Collies and our minds, I need someone who can help me channel my energy in a positive direction and guide me on my next adventure in life.

I arrived at the centre as a stray so nothing is known about my background but it quickly became clear to my friends here that I’ve missed out on large amounts of important socialising that all young pups should have. I am wary of new people, it takes me time to build up a relationship of trust with anyone new but more so men than women and my wariness does mean that I can react to people that I see out and about.

However, once I have built a bond with someone, I am extremely loving and loyal and my friends here describe me as a big softy, I love to have lots of cuddles with my handlers and like to think I’m a (very big) lap-dog at times! I do have very strong chase instincts – this includes traffic, birds, helicopters and anything that moves quickly! I’m also a very strong boy, so it’s really important my new owners have the knowledge and strength to be able to control me correctly when out on walks so we don’t get ourselves into any trouble.

I can sometimes react to other dogs when I’m out on my walks but my friends think this is more out of frustration when I’m on my lead. I’ve been carefully introduced to some dogs whilst at the centre and I have even made a few doggy friends that I play nicely with off lead. However, as with everything else I need a new owner prepared to dedicate lots of time to my dog socialising so I continue making progress in this department too.

Due to the numerous hurdles I have to overcome I will need to be rehomed locally, this is so my friends here can spend lots of time with my new owners and be available for ongoing support once I am rehomed.

It’s a mystery to my friends as to what has happened to me in my past but my friends say that I have a lot of fear in me, especially when it comes to anything new or unfamiliar, and they think this is why I bark at things – I’m just super scared if I’m being honest and try to make things go away by making lots of noise, so I really need that experienced Collie person/s to show me that everything isn’t as scary as I first think.

I’m such a lovely young boy and have tonnes of potential if given the right guidance, like I said, I really am a big cuddle monster deep down! I am looking for an ADULT ONLY home with no visiting children and minimal visitors. I will need a home in a RURAL location away from any busy roads, unfortunately I am very sound sensitive so even hearing traffic can often trigger a reaction from me. I could possibly live with a well adjusted female dog of similar size that wouldn’t mind a boisterous playmate. I am unable to live with cats, small furries or livestock.

The team are working hard with me daily to desensitize me to traffic, strangers and other dogs/animals but it’s very important my new owners understand that I need large amounts of patience, consistency and positive experiences with all of the above.

Its important I find a new home where I’ll be given boundaries and structure and a lot of love. Given the time and a lot of patience my handlers think I will really blossom and be a fantastic dog for someone.

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For further details regarding adopting a dog from National Animal Welfare Trust Cronwall, please telephone 01736 756005 or email cornwallreception@hotmail.co.uk : Wheal Alfred Kennels, Hayle, Cornwall. TR27 5JT Opening hours are 11am - 3pm daily. We ask for an adoption fee of £200.00 for dogs and £100.00 for cats which includes neutering, vaccinations, microchipping, wormer and flea treatment and 4 weeks free insurance. We can only rehome in Cornwall due to the visits required to the centre pre-adoption and after care. Homechecks will be carried out on potential owners. www.nawt.org.uk/cornwall
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