Magnus – 18 month old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

MAGNUS is a stunning, friendly and loving boy. About 1 1/2 years old. Neutered. He loves to interact with humans and be nearby. Loves dogs. Housetrained. Active and same time very smart and obedient.

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MAGNUS is currently at family and that is what they say about him: ” Magnus is an amazing, loving dog who wants nothing more than to be fussed by his humans. He loves everyone and LOVES other dogs. He’s happy with meeting new people, even strangers coming into the house.

He’s got doggy friends that he plays with really well and is very gentle considering his size. He can be a bit scared of small dogs barking at him but just pulls howls at them on the lead sometimes.

He’s calm in the house once settled and the excitement of you coming in is out of the way – he always greets you with a toy or a shoe but can mouth if he doesn’t have something, this has improved a lot though and will stop if told firmly.

He’s fine to be left for a few hours and has never chewed anything in the house that’s not his own toys.

He’s super intelligent and will do anything for a treat. He walks well on the lead, he’s a joy to walk and will sniff everything. He knows basic commands including sit, paw, down, stay, bed and what wee/poo mean, will sit and wait for his food until you tell him he’s allowed it (within reason) and sleeps in his crate on a night.

We’ve been working on recall and he’s been off lead in enclosed areas or off lead (with a long line) on the beach and never had a problem getting him back. He travels well in the car, in fact, he loves to go in the car! He will also wear a muzzle if needed.

Type of home he needs –

Either a single person or couple who are confident with big dogs, can be firm with him and same time loving and gentle (ONLY FORCE FREE /POSITIVE reinforcement training should be used) and happy to keep up his training.

He would really benefit from a household that is into training and used to dog behaviour. He could possibly live with another dog provided they were fed separately and they met first.

No children due to food guarding, which is the main issue. He has bitten twice because of the food involved?? So we don’t recommend any long-lasting treats or bones for him.

Magnus is a softie so it’s easy to become too soft with him but he needs boundaries and is much happier with a confident owner. I’ve never had him around cats but he’s lived with one in the past so maybe OK with a dog savvy cat. ”

MAGNUS is a lovely, sweet and kind boy. He is good on the lead and will sit at a crossing and wait for instruction to cross. He’s amazingly gentle with dogs he first meets and then gets excited and wants to play. He is friendly around humans on and off the lead.

He is full of energy and loves to play. He doesn’t know his own size or strength so play can feel a bit boisterous to anyone not used to young dogs. During the day he will lay next to you whilst working (with the occasional reminder to give him a cuddle). He is the perfect addition to an active family who loves to walk and hike.

MAGNUS was found in Ukraine roaming streets and was coming to everyone especially kids for fuss attention and hoping to find a loving home… But many people are scared of such looking dogs so someone called the police and asked to come and shoot him???

But young police officer, when arrived just, couldn’t do it .. So one of his friends recommend our rescue and he was saved ?

? MAGNUS has no known health issues; Neutered. Vaccinated rabies, DHLPP, provided worms/fleas treatment, microchipped.


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