Maisie is a 5-month-old Basset Fauve de Bretagne cross, born around September 2023.

She is a delightful blend of a Basset Fauve and an unknown father, displaying charming characteristics inherited from her Basset Fauve lineage.

Maisie, initially a bit shy and nervous, blossoms into a super-loving and funny companion once she establishes trust. Her kind and sweet nature make her a wonderful addition to any loving home.

This endearing canine is not only good with other dogs but also embodies qualities that make her a delightful companion.

For those considering adoption, Maisie can be homed in the UK, and the adoption process is seamlessly facilitated, ensuring a smooth transition for Maisie to her new family.

It’s imperative to note that Maisie thrives in an environment with a secure garden, featuring fencing or walls of at least 5ft in height.

Due to her lineage as a scent hound with hunting backgrounds, it’s recommended to keep her on a lead, long lunge lead, or in enclosed fields during off-lead exercises.

Additionally, Maisie’s ideal home would not include children under 6 years old, ensuring a safe and suitable environment for both the dog and the family.

For potential adopters, full rescue backup is provided, offering support and guidance throughout the journey of welcoming Maisie into a new, loving home.

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