Marcus is an 8 month old male Cross-Breed. He is currently located in Woking. This beautiful pup arrived in the UK last week and is searching for his home.

Marcus loves being around his favourite people and will always be by your side keeping you company, he can be a little nervous around men however once he has built a bond and his confidence has grown he will love you forever!

Marcus is becoming more and more playful and has recently been learning how to play with toys and balls.

Marcus loves being outside and can often be found sunbathing in the garden soaking up all of the warm weather.

Marcus can live with dog-savvy children following sensible introductions. Marcus can live with another dog following sensible introductions.

Marcus loves the current dog he lives with however can be nervous about other dogs on walks and barks at them if they approach too suddenly.

Marcus can live with a dog-savvy cat following sensible introductions. Marcus accepts a collar and lead and loves these walks, he will now get excited to go out.

Marcus enjoyed having some time in a local secure field and even had a dip in the pond!

Marcus is toilet trained. Marcus is not crate-trained. Marcus does not travel well in the car. Marcus suffers from seperation anxiety and will need someone home the majority of the time to keep him company as he has only previously been left for up to 1 hour.

Marcus suffers from car sickness and struggles when on car journeys. Marcus has not yet been neutered, the costs of this will be covered by the rescue.

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